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LOAD is a regional network for osteoarthritis research.


LOAD is a multi-disciplinary network, coordinated by Professor Martin Englund. LOAD's members are internationally merited professionals, covering expertise in areas including clinical orthopaedics, epidemiology, extracellular matrix biology and proteomics, physical therapy, biomechanical engineering, and OA imaging. The network also collaborates with highly respected researchers in the field of osteoarthritis around the world. In addition to the above-mentioned expertise, the availability of non-invasive and highly sensitive cartilage analysis methods as well as clinical expertise and patient cohorts provides LOAD with unique opportunities to answer questions at the molecular as well as at the clinical level within the field of osteoarthritis. The overall goal of the network is to develop better ways to diagnose, prevent and treat osteoarthritis and thus provide a better quality of life for patients living with the disease.

LOAD members meet monthly, to discuss current topics and events (such as internal and external collaborations, funding opportunities, and research strategies). Members also get together once a year for longer and more extensive discussions. 

Some of our research areas:

  • Orthopaedic treatments/surgery
  • Physiotherapy (including physical activity)
  • Disease mechanisms (biochemistry and molecular and matrix biology)
  • OA's impact on the individual and society (epidemiology and social medicine)
  • Health care organization and health economics
  • Diagnostics
  • Biomechanics
  • Radiology and magnetic resonance imaging 

LOAD Project manager

Martin Englund
Professor, MD, epidemiologist